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Level 3

Students will advance with their knowledge of engineering and build the robots that have some missing information on gears, axle, or motor and they cannot move. Our robotics engineer will fix them and make them move with their robot building and programming skills.

Level 4

Students will follow the instruction to build the robot but here technology is the key! Program your robot to move in the right direction and speed. Engineering helps student to be proficient in building and programming.

Level 5

Students will reverse engineer, they will be given challenges to build robots by looking at the picture of the robot. There would be NO instructions. Students have to use their robotics knowledge and build robots. 

Level 6

Its time to innovate something new! Now that you can engineer and reverse engineer with LEGOs, come up with your own creation. We see the elevator going up and down,  bike going around, play basketball now its time to create on your own. 





Level 1

Students follow instructions on laptop to build robot and learn mechanism using gears, motor, pulleys etc. Learn engineering principles,design process along with programming.


Level 2

Students will be able to build LEGO models featuring working motors and sensors. Learn gearing ration and deep concepts of engineering along with focus on programming.  


 Activities include building robots like penguin, helicopter, spinner, lion and many more.