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Games & Graphics - Scratch & Python Programming

Ages 8+

Computer languages like Scratch and Python make computer programming more engaging and accessible. We’ll use them to teach students to think creatively, reason systematically, and work collaboratively. We learn by developing games and graphics like MadLibs, Rock Paper Scissors, and more.


JAVA Script 

Ages 8+

JavaScript, the programming language of the web, is one of the most popular and accessible computer languages, enabling users to add interactivity, graphics, and movement to websites. Computer-loving students will learn to embed JavaScript in HTML code, as well as work with fundamental programming concepts, like data types, functions, loops, and objects.

WIX Website Development 

Ages 7+

With Wix students can develop stunning website in a short time. Creating website involves thinking process, goals and objectives. Our instructor help students to go through the process and then start with creating website, teach them to choose the right template, add animation, graphics, videos and more. 

Join us to learn stunning website and have fun!