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NXT/EV3 Challenges

Pre-registration Needed

4:30 - 6:30 Wednesdays 

Fees: $40 per class

November 7: Play Sports!

Goal! Touchdown! Home Run! Build a MINDSTORMS robot to play your favorite sport. A goalkeeper that blocks every shot? A Ping-Pong player? The sport and the robot are up to you. 

Create a robot that can grab water and move. A robot should be able to move at least for five seconds with water. 

Oct 10: Grab a Water!

November 14: Grab a Water!

Everyone needs a pet, but not everyone can have a live one. Make a robotic pet instead. Use a sensor and motor to make the pet respond to you in some way. A dog that wags its tail and barks? A parrot that flaps its wings and squawks? Create the pet you’d love to have. 

November 28: Robo Pet!